Thursday, June 5, 2014

A found table

I found this exact table on the side of the road earlier this week. The man next door to the house throwing this away was nice enough to help me fit it in my tiny clown car. It is in relatively good condition, I'm surprised they hadn't thrown it on craigslist to make some money. I had to rip the top off of the base in order to fit it in my vehicle, but it will be an easy reassembly with some longer screws (the holes are already there). This was an exceptionally exciting find, because I had been looking on craigslist for a few weeks for a pedestal table of the same size, and everything was very old or "vintage," made of very heavy wood materials, stained a light color, and overall too expensive to justify it as a DIY project. This table is the perfect color (a nice 'espresso' shade) and only needs the top to be put back on and a possible adjustment of the legs (or at the very least put a sugar packet underneath!), at the wonderful price of free! I'll be moving into a one bedroom apartment in a few weeks, and I cannot wait to dress it up a little. I intend on getting some trendy ghost chairs made of clear lucite (Amazon has some cheap ones), and dress it up with spring flowers and cool plates. I am trying to be more organized, and I'm hoping that dressing the table with plates at all times keeps it mostly clutter free. At least thats what the magazines tell me.

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