Saturday, August 24, 2013

Decoupaged trays

I found a pair of lovely IKEA KLACK trays in my new studio apartment storage space above the closet. Finders keepers, right? They were a little bit dirty and after some cleaning turned out okay. But I wanted better. So I went to Joann's with boo and picked out some fabric that was $4/yd! I don't have any photos of the process because I was too excited to get started. But I followed the same general directions as my coasters DIY. I laid the fabric out and ironed it, placed the trays on top and cut it out with a little bit of extra just to be safe. I Mod Podged the white area of the tray, about an inch at a time, placing the fabric down over it and smoothing it out. When I completed gluing the fabric down, I let it dry for a little while, before mod podging the top. I let that dry and did a few more coats. I ended up picking up some glossy mod podge to give it a glossy finish.
It didnt come out as glossy as I'd wanted,  so I gave it another coat of matte finish mod podge. It was still pretty shiny, but I was hoping for glass like shiny. I guess in order for that I'd have to have a piece of glass cut to fit.  But we use one in our bathroom and one under our coffee table, and they serve their purpose for another affordable, cute project.

Here's the final result :

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