Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Waterproofing works!

I've been seeing the pins all over pinterest, and I have even seen it on tv. Waterproof your canvas shoes with beeswax and a hair dryer! Boo was given a bit of beeswax from a coworker to make his own moustache wax, so I asked him to save me a piece so I can waterproof my super cool awesome canvas sneakers from Gap! He finally got around to trying to make it yesterday, so I of course grabbed my piece and went to work on my project.  i didn't take any pictures during, but it is very straightforward. You rub the piece of beeswax all over the spots that you want to be waterproofed, and heat it up with your hair dryer. I was worried that I hadn't done it correctly, because it wasn't really doing anything, but once it gets hot hot hot enough (to burn your fingers!) you will see the beeswax melting into the material, and it will feel smooth instead of sticky.

After waterproofing

Of course I had to play.... sprinkled some water on them and it beaded right up! I definitely won't be afraid to wear these on a rainy day. No more wet feet! 

If you like these shoes you can buy them from ebay here or check your local Gap store because they are no longer available online (& mine were on sale!)

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