Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oil Pulling

I read an interesting article on One Good Thing By Jillee about OIL PULLING and I wanted to try it. Oil Pulling is swishing around a bit of oil in your mouth for a little while each day or a few times a week. It is supposed to be beneficial for oral health and can even whiten teeth. There are a bunch of different oils you can use to do this, but I chose to use virgin coconut oil. The extra virgin has a more mild taste, so feel free to try that kind as well. It was so ungodly hot these past few days that our coconut oil was completely melted, and the jar was super hard to open, but it was worth it! I put about a tablespoon of it in my mouth and started swishing, sort of as if it were mouthwash, but not TOO intensely, or your mouth will hurt! Jillee's article suggests 20 minutes at a time, but I didn't get that much quiet time, so I did about 10 minutes the first time, and a bit longer the next time. When I was finished, I spit it out in the trash (coconut oil is a solid under certain temps & it could clog the pipes). I could already feel that my mouth felt cleaner, and I brushed my teeth for good measure. Oil pulling is something that sounds a bit strange - swishing oil can lead to a cleaner mouth?? But after doing it for af ew days so far, my mouth feels super clean, and I will keep doing it. It's not gross- I swear!coconut oil tastes really good (if you like coconut) and it gets the nasty stuff out. Sounds good to me. Check out Amazon for coconut oil, they have some good deals and you can save money by subscribing to a purchase.

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